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About History Matters

How do I subscribe?
How much does it cost?
£80 + VAT for a 1 year subscription.
What do we get?
History Matters is designed to give teachers and students a resource that can be accessed at school and at home. The main features of the product are bookshelves of ebooks, interactive presentations and timelines, which are designed so that they can be viewed clearly on interactive whiteboards or read on smaller screens. The books cover the main course material, but also included are several fiction novels related to the subject and factual accounts, organised into bookshelves and further arranged by topic. Flashcards provide supplementary resources, ideal for use at the front of class or to provide a concise overview or for revision by students. Currently, the suite covers the First World War plus Saxons, Vikings and Normans but full resources will be released soon for the Romans and the Tudors. The subscription covers all resources, including new topics as and when they become available.
Is there a restriction on usage?
Staff, pupils and stakeholders of the school can access the website or App at any time for school business.
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Technical information

What are the requirements to use the product?
History Matters is provided as an app on the major platforms (Mac, iOS, Android, Windows). It is designed to work on smartphones, tablets and PCs. Download from the relevant store, log in using the provided details and you are ready to go. Books and resources need to be downloaded to the device before they can be used. This is to save space on your device, so users can choose the content they want to store. Books should take no more than a minute to download and other resources a few seconds.

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