Privacy policy for History Matters

History Matters is a subscription website for schools, accessible through a desktop browser or app. To access the site, customers are issued with a unique reference (school username) and password. No personally identifiable information of individual school users is stored, tracked or passed by A*Star Education to any third party while using the product. When subscribing to the site, we require that an agent of the purchaser provides a name and email address for general adminstration (billing and support) purposes.

For certain promotions, A*Star Education may require an email address to provide any benefits of the offer. This information is not passed on to any third parties.

Cookies Policy

How and why we use cookies

We use performance cookies to help us improve our website. These cookies collect information about how visitors use this site, such as the pages they visit and which sites they may have come from. It also helps us learn which devices, browsers and screen sizes are used when we design web pages. A*Star Education does not use this information to identify our visitors in any way. Aggregated data from these cookies is used to monitor website traffic, using Google Analytics.

By using this website you agree that we may place performance cookies on your device.

Subscription terms and conditions

In exchange for payment of the licence fee by a school or college, A*Star Education Ltd allows access to the members (staff members, pupils and their parents) of the school or college (the users) to the content of the History Matters website, for the purpose of teaching (strictly in connection with the school's business) and private study. The licence fee is paid annually and allows access to the content for a period of one year. The content may be displayed at the front of a classroom and there is no requirement for separate copies of eBooks or other materials to be purchased for individual pupils or students in order to display the content to a whole class. The licence is not transferrable and cannot be resold. The licence fee is not refundable in whole or in part.

In accessing the website and viewing its content, users agree to the following:

All Content on the History Matters website is the property of A*Star Education Ltd. Content includes, but is not limited to, the Website, Apps, Text, Diagrams, Photographs, Drawings, Maps, Illustrations, eBooks, Timelines, Presentations, Audio Files, Video Files.

Users undertake to respect the copyright and in particular not to attempt to circumvent any legitimate restrictions on access to content or data; not to attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any aspect of the website or application programs or make unauthorised changes to the appearance or content of the website; not to attempt to capture or reproduce content or take copies of content for any other purposes than those explicitly stated in these terms and conditions or explicitly stated in the Content. Users also undertake not to assist any third party to perform any of these activities and not to allow any third party to evade payment of the licence fee by supplying them with access details to which they are not entitled by virtue of membership of a paying school or college. Content, or any derivation of the Content from History Matters, must not be sold, copied, distributed or supplied to any third parties in any form.

A*Star Education Ltd warrants that it has the right to supply all of the Content on the History Matters website and that no breach of Copyright arises as a result of supplying the Content.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the material on the History Matters website and related products, no liability is accepted for any errors that may be contained in the Content.

The use of Cookies on the website is required to control access but no personal information about individual users is stored apart from the name and email address of the person making the inquiry. By accessing the website and its Content, users agree to the use of Cookies.