Tudors and Stuarts

The Tudors reigned during one of the most fascinating periods in English history, taking in the end of the medieval period, the Reformation and an exciting age of discovery which extended the boundaries of the known world.

The Tudor dynasty lasted almost 120 years and the History Matters collections cover the entire period, beginning when England was a third-rate power, impoverished by war, on the periphery of Europe, and ending with the establishment of colonies in the New World and trading links that were to make a fortune for England in the Far East.

GCSE textbooks

The Tudors collections include a textbook on Henry VIII and his ministers, 1509 – 1540, designed to cover the content of the British Depth Study for the Edexcel examination board.


Illuminating insights into the motives of the main characters are provided by the inclusion of numerous letters, speeches and extracts from acts of Parliament.

Extending students’ knowledge

Additional details are provided with a volume for every monarch and important minister, and historical novels provide entertainment.

Stuart Britain

Outside the Houses of Parliament stands a bronze statue of Oliver Cromwell. It owes its situation to Cromwell’s leading role in the battle which Parliament fought to limit the power of kings who thought they had a divine right to rule as they saw fit, and give protection to the common people from abuses of power.

The lengthy conflict that decided Parliament’s victory left a legacy of bitterness and religious intolerance.

Stuart Britain witnessed the union of the crowns of England and Scotland, civil wars, revolutions, assassination attempts against two kings and the public execution of one, before the final forced exile of James II. But it also saw the foundation of successful colonies in America, the establishment of a strong navy and the steady growth of commerce.

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